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A Night on the Rocks with Rogers & Lenhart

From comes this very-real slice of life in the CLB starring Steven Lenhart, the beautiful & talented Ashleigh Ignelzi and the man himself. It features, sushi, comedy mustaches, skateboarding, wearing sunglasses at night, the music of Phoenix, a spontaneous fashion show and vague insinuations of an off-season transfer. If this is Robbie Rogers real life I have to ask, can I kick it my dude? Looks like a good time.


Steven Lenhart is My Guy


Steven Lenhart is my guy. He likes 80's clubs. He scores goals. He has hair like Dee Snider out of Twisted Sister. Basically he is unimpeachable in my book and it's not because he dropped a deuce on Toluca last night. It's because he will get on the phone and talk to me like I'm just some dude, which I am, and not a journalist trying to mine the deep recesses of a sportsman's mind.

I talked to him for MLS Insider the other day and posted the convo this morning. Dude's really funny. Keep an eye out for him next off-season; if you happen to be at in certain SoCal bar in with a Tuesday night retro party and see a guy in a tank top "being free" on the dancefloor, that's him.