3NIL x Zizou


Typically I restrict myself to talking about wet, hot American soccer but if there is a player with no North American angle that I can make an exception for it is Zidane. Have you seen the Zizou shirts from 3NIL? So necessary. I'm going to cop one in hopes that it will make me look worldly. You should too.


per head said...

Oh Zidenine Zidane, one of the true great players thay my young eyes have ever since, I am too young to have seen Pele or the polemic Maradonna, but I did watch Zidane playing and I can't find anyone like him right now, he was really a crack

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the Stanley Matthews boots, at St Thomas FC?


I heard they just launched, and there is alot of excitement!

kajal pal said...

New Rules of IPL 2013 rules have been changed after the first season, while others continue to the distribution arrangement is 54% for franchisees, 40% for IPL and rest 6% is the prize money. After 2017, the proportion will change to 45% for franchisees, 50% for IPL and 5% for prize money.

http://www.paperwritings.com/ said...

Realy great football blayer. He is legendaric. Picture is nice. I like it.